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Perfect timing!

Usually this phrase is used in a fun way and rarely it is considered seriously. Often, it is used as a sarcasm( in a fun way), I myself use this phrase many a times!..haha. But it holds a lot of importance again in life. As I discuss all different elements of life in here with all of you. This is one of the element that bring drastic changes in one's life.

The 'perfect timing' has a different definition for everyone. Your perfect timing could be when your wish gets fulfilled when you are least expecting or may be when you are most expecting. It could be the best offer that you wanted for so long and you got it when you were just ready for it. It could be the time when you first expressed your feelings for someone at the time that you thought would be the perfect. It could be the best achievement of your life at a time when you were not expecting it to be. All these situations, conditions are different for every individual and this is where different stories come into light.

Life itself is the most beautiful mystery and the timing of life is perfect because you get to experience the most unexpected things at the most unexpected time. Stop manipulating, just relax and sit back and just go with the flow, you will experience the most amazing things that you could never experience if you hold the reign of life in your hands, let it loose and just enjoy and take everything in a positive stride. Life becomes easy when we start enjoying it and when we start enjoying every element of it. Life becomes difficult when we keep rolling its dice according to ourselves to fulfill what we want.

Stop demanding and just trust the timing of life as it has everything for you but at the right place and at the right time. Do not panic. I know most of us do not get what we want and wish for, at the same time we want that or wish for that but that particular thing is kept for you in store to deliver it to you at the right time. So, be patient. The biggest thing is to believe in yourself and never harm anything or anyone in the course of fulfilling your dreams or your wishes and then see where life takes you, nothing less than a paradise.

Develop a sense of acceptance and develop a habit of let go of things.

Just a pinch of positive thought and trust in the timing of life make it a perfect dish. Relish it and just enjoy!

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