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one more day passed....

Sometimes I think, what if we didn't have brain or even if we had, it should be simple. I am not saying this because I am not happy to have brain( ha ha) but just sometimes it over functions and do not give you a break! This is what was happening with me yesterday. Too much of thinking, emotional throwbacks, relating and interrelating so many things, over whelming memories, anxious thoughts and it does happen sometimes that how so ever you try to manage yourself but at some or the other point your mind does over power you. Now, here the irony is no one else is troubling you, but you. What to do in this scenario?

Question yourself, gather all the factors that are troubling you, analyse which of them are actually important to ponder upon and which are just trivial matters to even think about, lie down for sometime, and just relax your body. Now, focus what is more important for you to maintain a good state of mind? Undoubtedly, your mind needs to be at peace! For this just shrug those things off your mind that are not important in the current scenario, filter your thoughts and feelings that are making you anxious. Try to remember all the good things that happened to you on that particular day and just close that window from where the negative thoughts or feelings are seeping in. Appreciate yourself for the good work done and just give a pat at your back and tell yourself that the things that didn't go well is because it was not the right time for those things to happen. This is the communication between you and your mind and no one else should participate. You can take an advice but everything falls back when you end up trusting somebody who is not worth. So, better trust yourself and your intuition.

Whenever, I am troubled like this, I like to sit alone at a quiet place where I could actually listen to what my mind is trying to communicate to me and then I just have a good healthy talk with myself and half of my problem is solved. Another very beautiful thing that I have always experienced is that getting up early and experiencing that cool breeze, looking at sunrise and all those fresh leaves and trees breathing and slowly starting their day bring in a lot of peace to your mind. It feels like your are meditating! Nature has natural healing properties and again as I keeping saying and which I very strongly believe that the best things in life are not very hard to find, all these are with you always but you just need to recognize them out of all the blues that you face.

So, just relax and give yourself small breaks to give a boost to yourself and expect the least from anyone. You are your own lover, you are your own best friend, your are your own caretaker, so be with yourself and listen to yourself because communication is a very important aspect to have a healthy and good life.

Stay healthy!! Stay Safe!!

Keep Sharing!!

Love you all!

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