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'No one is You!'

Take me to the highs, and

Save me from the lows,

Hold me so tight,

To save me from the blows.....

Expectations... Affections....Thoughts,....predictions...

Being alive, we have to deal with so much! Life take us through all the ups and downs to know who we are and where do we stand, how we can manage and when do we give up.

The problems arise when we just expect and do not believe in giving and in some cases, we also feel why something is not expected from us. We keep troubling ourselves with this thought that may be we are not capable of this, that is why we are not expected to do the given stuff.

It is very complicated, what to think, when to think, how to think and where to think? Can we keep living like this, when you actually do not know when is your call to leave this amazing world! No, we cannot afford this. Some solution is required.

Holding on to someone or something becomes painful at times but holding on to yourself never gives you pain because ultimately you understand yourself when no one does. Take care of your interests, no matter how much ever busy you are. Take care of your health and take care of your thoughts and your way of living.

Lift yourself up, give yourself a boost and just love the way you are because the most powerful thing that you posses is, 'No one is you.'

"The more you blow,

The more I flow,

The more you hold,

The more I grow."

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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