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My 100th blog post!

I am going to write my 100th blog post and I can't believe it! I have always been an observer and my mind is never free. It is always at work and that work may be productive, may not be productive but thinking goes on, observation goes on, analysis goes on, reflection goes on. In spite of all these processes that went on, I never thought of putting these into words. But there is no planned age, time or place to start something new. You can start exploring yourself as and when you want to and I did the same. I started writing some articles and developed this love for writing and expressing my thoughts in words and here I am, with my 100th post today!

This is a world of results, recognition and achievements but it again depends how an individual look at these aspects. For me my biggest achievement is when I look at myself and feel proud to have done and accomplished what I wanted to. What others think never really matters to me. So, this is my personal achievement and I am so contended today to reach a stage where I can express myself on anything and everything and reach out to everyone with that thought.

I have touched upon and have expressed about many elements of life through these posts but everyday is a new day and everyday is a new experience and everyday you get acquainted with new elements of life. You can never get over with exploring this life. Life is interesting and full of adventure. Keep yourself on the path of exploration and just keep flowing in this stream of life.

I am grateful for all those viewers who visited the site and read through the blog posts because without encouragement and appreciation efforts get diluted. I will continue with this journey with you and me together. Thank you again!

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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