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Mindful growth:

Growth is a part of our life cycle but mindful growth is an essential part of our happy, meaningful life. All living organisms grow with age and with time but all growth is not mindful, all growth is not efficient, all growth is not meaningful. This is one life and is very precious, we cannot afford to waste it just like that. I really wonder there are so many beautiful little things that are free of cost and do not require much effort to imbibe but are the most neglected ones in life.

Getting happy when someone is happy, feeling sad when someone is sad, encouraging someone when he or she needs it, appreciating someone when he or she deserve it, Helping someone in need, caring for someone when he or she is upset or need care. Ironically, all these things are the most difficult things to be followed by people whereas these form the basis of a relaxed, happy, mindful life. We all are competing in a rat race, everyone is running and I don't why? Everyone know there is just one end and rest all are the little chapters of life which can be treaded through harmoniously.

Cribbing, complaining, feeling jealous, getting troubled are the demons that actually spoil our peace of mind. I very well know and understand that there is no end to these useless feelings and emotions. Everyone of us experience these situations , I am being no exception but what is more important is to reflect and getting back to yourself.

Life should not be long it should be big, that is we should live this one life with a big heart that can accommodate all the goodness of nature and this world. Become adaptive, become adoptive, become receptive, become empathetic, become reflective, become loving. Inculcate all these in your lifestyle and believe me, life would not be less than heaven!

Strive to be mindful, strive to be helpful and strive to be peaceful at heart and mind.

"This is one life and let' live it mindful."

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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