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We keep shuttling between past and present and keep thinking about future. Sometimes, some weird thoughts come to mind and we get so scared to know and to feel what is going to happen next with us, when we see so many tragedies happening around us. Last night, even I got a bit scared and was just in another zone of thoughts thinking about my child and myself and was just wishing to be with her as long as I can.

This is normal and all these thoughts are bound to cross our minds as we are a part of this living world. Tragedies and mishappening take place, some unfortunate events happen which is not in our control. But if something is not in our control, we cannot actually plan something or cannot actually avert it, so why worry? I know certain things are easily said than done but knowingly or unknowingly, we all practice this mantra of going with the flow as in whatever comes our way.

Life is unpredictable, time is unpredictable, situations are deceptive. If I put it in simple words, we cannot control something that is natural. Memories form an important aspect of our lives which make us feel alive and make us feel happy that we are still moving on. Life is all about exploring and setting new goals at each stage of our lives.

It's all about give and take. You give your life a meaning, it will give you chances to experience, explore, and achieve. When you give up and put a full stop, then these natural forces and energies start considering you as not so required being and start leading you to a path of waiting for an end. So, keep yourself busy and your life too. Keep yourself connected to your past and keep living your memories.

Why I am stressing on memories, because there are all kinds of experiences that we have. These experiences help us understand ourselves better and help us make a healthy comparison of what was and what is. These experiences and memories help us devise new ways to lead a meaningful life. Life is a beautiful journey, though sometimes very tough but its all about learning, sharing, getting better, finding new avenues, exploring new paths and last but not the least, life is all about courageous living!

So, don't give up!

"Stay connected, keep adding meaning to whatever you do and whatever you experience to create great memories for your children to learn from!"

Happy reading!

Love you all!

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