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ME and Myself!

I saw a post that said, " I wasn't myself for many months and nobody noticed that".

Exactly!! This is what happens when we stop noticing ourselves!

'Me time', a much pronounced term these days! Every individual is different which is the most interesting aspect of being a human. What is this 'Me Time' and why does it hold so much of importance?

Does it relate to only to sit for a few minutes alone in a corner and have a cup of coffee! Dear all, it's much more than that! I helps you recognize yourself! We get lost in our daily chores being busy and just keep spending our time in finishing up our daily assigned tasks. Me Time is your time! where you are alone in your own world that you have created and the kind of world you want. No rules! No restrictions!No responsibilities! No boundaries! It helps you float in the sea of your own thoughts, beautiful imaginations, helps you bring back your own self, helps you introspect and self reflect. Find out this time for yourself everyday and fall in love with yourself everyday, feel proud and thankful to be born, to think, to imagine and to do much more!

Have a great day ahead!

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