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Marriage ...A relation to celebrate..

Being married myself, I always wonder was I really meant to be in a relation like this? What is this relation about? Is it a social obligation or a cultural requirement or a personal need or a dream to be fulfilled or a requirement to lead a purposeful life? I do not comply with any of these. I am sorry, I am a bit weird in this case. Some relations are bestowed upon us by our creator and all those relations are very near and dear to us but there are certain relations that we are(#so called) free to decide to be in or not but due to our societal set up this freedom is more or less curbed.

As we grow, our body, our mind, our conscious self start becoming more demanding and we all just keep falling to those demands and at a point all these demands over power our senses in such a way that each and every demand seems legitimate to us and we start making the best of our efforts to fulfill the same. In our society, we all are taught that as we grow we need a partner( a life partner that is defined only in terms of marriage) and there are n number of reasons which people will give you to believe this and the irony is that 95% of us fall in that trap. The needs can be categorized into many subcategories and in fact every single person will have his or her own definition of everything. The emotional needs, the physical needs, the social needs, the economical needs all these actually put each one of us in a big trap and condition our minds in such a way that we stop thinking beyond all this and make all these as the basis to lead a successful and prosperous life.

You must be thinking that what I am writing doesn't comply with my title at all . No, its not like that. The only thing I want to convey is that as we start recognizing ourselves with age and start identifying our needs, we should start thinking more wisely for taking any decision that will last for your whole life. We should not make a joke of anything and everything and specially not of our own life. God gave you life to live, to love, to appreciate, to help, to consider, to respect. Please do not turn it into something that is forced upon you, do not 'spend' your life, 'live it'!

The decisions like marriage should be taken with a lot of thought and introspection and of course when you get ready to spend your whole life with one person, you need to be truly in love with that person, 'truly' here means where you feel happy for your partner in everything and anything, where you love your partner in every situation that life put you in, where you always want to stand by, where you know that you will be understood and you can understand, where you believe that you will pull each other through anything and will rise in love, with love, through love. Marriage in its true sense is a relation-' TO CELEBRATE'!

But we humans are always in a hurry, we have started considering everything as a target to complete. ' Omg! girl has turned 23 years, she should be married, Omg! the boy turned 27 years old, he should be married! Why? Is this a target to complete? No, its a relation that needs to be built with lot of love, care, respect and consideration. Let it take its time. Please let people decide on their own when they want to be committed and if at all they want to. Everything cannot be imposed and is not meant to be imposed!

Our main and true aim to nourish the life that we have with in and all these relations should be treated as supplements that can add to the nourishment of life, so that all of us can have a beautiful, happy life. Impositions are never happy, they are always accepted but not happily accepted. Decide for yourself and please do not make everything a joke. Do not be in a hurry. Its one life, celebrate life and choose those relations which you can celebrate!

Wishing you all a happy life!

Have a great day ahead!!

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