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Making sense out of time!

What do you do many times when you feel you have time but you don't have anything to do! The biggest problem with humans is that we feel we have time. Dear friends, it's life! and its very unpredictable! You don't know what is going to happen next, so how can you confidently think and believe that we have time but don't know what to do!

But yes! considering day-to-day scenarios, there are instances when out of busy schedule days, we encounter a few days or hours where we feel that we have nothing at hand to do barring family, work and recreation, there are still some moments where you feel or find yourself purposeless. Your mind keep juggling between things, tasks, and scenarios but you are not able to figure out what should be done in its best respect.

Why does this happen? This happens because we have set our bodies and mind to a pace where all the time we are busy with something or the other. Sitting free or without a cellphone in hand, we feel purposeless because we have adapted ourselves to be involved all the time, every little second.

I understand that the times today force us to be busy and occupied but when you feel that you have nothing to do, actually the universe is signalling you to relax and gather your energies, the positive energies that will help to heal and regain yourself! Whenever you feel lost like this, don't worry or panic but follow this:

# Close your eyes.

# sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

# Think of the best thing or task you performed in a day or for a short period from then.

# appreciate yourself, saying " you are wonderful and you did great!"

# Then breathe deep in and release slowly.

# Now, concentrate and think of the best thing that gives you happiness and help you relax.

# Think of three emotions that you feel after performing this task / thing that you just thought of.

# Smile and take a deep breath again.

# Give yourself an option of what else you would want to do except that.

# Keep your smile on and think.

# And add one more thing that you would like to do in your time whenever you feel that you have nothing to do!

# So, here you go! Now you know how you can make sense out of time!

Whatever you like to do and practice is the highest form of meditation that you can do! So go for it and don't think we have time! We actually don't have and we don't know how much we have. In that case, let's enjoy, work hard, live happy, appreciate ourselves and do what helps us relax and rejuvenate and help us be ourselves!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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