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Making sense out of relations!

Relation relation everywhere, but no relation anywhere!

This is the actual scenario that exists in this society or say, today's world. Some go beyond their limits to live up to their relations and some easy folks don't even given a damn to what is happening around.

As I always say, life is too simple but we humans have made it so complicated and we are not realizing that we are entangling ourselves so tight that we won't be able to free ourselves. A relation is made up of :

R- Respect

E- Empathy


A- Attention

T- Trust

I- Individuality

O- Oneness

N- Nobleness

Just having a tag and ruining the real essence of it is not a relation, it is simply an obligation to fulfil. It's strange when I look around and inside too! Everyone is just complaining!

When we talk about being together, it means being together in everything and not when you are comfortable and things are happening according to you.

Life is a beautiful gift which we all have got, let's celebrate it, let's live it, let's love it.

Every being is a gift of God and every relation is a bond that is again meant to happen or is created to bring people of different caliber and qualities together to make magic happen by combining their strengths but sadly, something else is happening,

We all are busy finding faults and not appreciating the beauty of each other's individuality.

Just wanna say,

Live and Flourish,

Love and Grow,

Listen and Share,

Forget the ego,

Forgive and move on,

Life is a beautiful journey,

Just stay together and stay ON.

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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