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Making a Choice!

It is very hard sometimes to think straight and understand the conditions we are put in our life. Day-to-day turmoils, situations, conditions, tasks, obligations, responsibilities and much more. We all have so much on our plate everyday that it becomes difficult what to make a choice!

I was listening to 'Gaur Gopal Das' yesterday where he says, we all have a distinguished power and that is 'we can choose!' On the basis of our understanding of the problem, or any situation, we can choose either to fall a trap to that or to come out of that by making a happy choice! I found his words very promising. Though I am not saying that I have heard this for the first time and I didn't know this but when sometimes you are not able to think straight and so much is going on, you are confused what to do. So, these kind of breathers then help you come back to track and create an option for yourself.

Making a choice is again one of the most important life skill that we all should practice to finally master it during the life course. Problems will be there, situations will arise, things will go wrong, you will enter into troubles because we are living beings and to survive, we have to deal with all life scenarios but we should learn to make healthy choices.

No one wants to be sad or unhappy and you cannot look up to someone all the time to create happiness for you. Happiness is internal! You will have to train your mind in such a way that you see the positive in everything around you. How you live, entirely depends on you! Get up in the morning and close your eyes to concentrate. Think and commit to yourself that wherever I will go and whatever I will do today, I will be happy and will bring happiness around. Try this for a few days and see the change yourself.

There are People who are working tirelessly to create a positive environment for all of us. We all belong to the same species. If a section of people can be devoted to this service, why can't each one of us make an effort towards creating a peaceful and joyful world around us. Why do we need a different section of people to bring us to think positive or align our thoughts to be happy and content?

I also go through rough times often! but after sometime and after having discussion with my close ones, I reflect and think for myself and ultimately, I choose to overcome and be happy because I can always make a choice, right! So should you!

"To be happy is my birthright and I will not let anyone snatch it."

I commit to myself, do you?

Happy reading!

Love you all!

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