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Make it magical than mechanical..

Getting up in the morning and following the same routine as all other days and then again getting up the next day to do the same. Do we really want to live like this? Can we change the whole set up of our day every day? Can we make our days more happening? Seems difficult right? To some of you it might seem insane also.

Most of the people around are dependent on somebody else to do their daily tasks and the excuses given are that we don't know how to do the required stuff. Excuse me! you can learn the most difficult things in the world but not the basic things that are needed for you to survive!

Being self dependent is very important aspect when we talk of freedom of any sort. If you are able to manage the basic chores then you are also able to take out time for your passion, for the things that you love the most and these things can include an array of fields that people are interested in. I also steal time from my daily and very busy schedule but I do because for me, following my passion give me utmost satisfaction and a feeling of being worth.

Do not wait for the right time to come, make the present the best time of your life. Create your own little moments of happiness and just fall in love with whatever you do. Beautify your reading corner, paint your heart out, Sing to the nature loud, dance till the sky bows down, express, write, share, talk, cook the delicacies you love to eat. Just try everything. Never say, I don't know this. You know everything but the only thing that you haven't done yet is, you have not given it a try. Don't think that 'I am not interested in this hence, I will never do it.' Interest develops in anything only when we start doing the stuff. So, change your mindset and then see the difference!

Each one of us can't do everything at the same time or may be during this one life but making your each day worth living and enjoyable is absolutely in your hands. Happiness is not about living in lavish houses and being surrounded by all the tech devices. Happiness is when you are able to create magic out of the petty things around you, that makes you happy and brings shine to your eyes. Learn to make the resources that you have bigger than life instead of feeling bad about not possessing something that is out of your reach as of now. May be what you have, the other person doesn't. Being contended gives an immense pleasure and helps us focus on our present than getting worried about future.

"Happiness stays with those who want to be happy and for that we need to live in present by making our each moment magical in our own way instead of living a mechanical life."

Love you all!!

happy reading!

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