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Made in heaven..

I know... I know.. most of you must be thinking that I am gonna talk about all the romantic things and love angles but to your disappointment and may be not!, I am going to explore with you all what do we mean by made in heaven? Are the things made in heaven or we make heaven with things around right here?

As I always say and believe that life is so strange and every day brings in new experiences and new instances. The moment you start thinking that you are on a right track, life make you take a U turn and rethink, revisit and re-evaluate whatever you have thought. The reality is sometimes so astonishing that you feel like getting off everything and sometimes its so lucrative that you feel as if everything is around is yours and is designed according to you. But is it anyway possible that we always feel as if everything around is according to us, the way we want?

I know its a very difficult question and everyone will have a different point of view on the same. I believe that nothing is made in heaven instead we are given life to create heaven and live to the fullest in sync with all the positive energies around with the blessings of our creator and the ultimate power. But are we living up to this? Not at all. We have created our own theories and have tagged some social relations as made in heaven. People are full of agony, disappointments, anger, hate and do not believe in creating a heaven instead keep on cursing for something or the other 'made in heaven'.

We all are alive and living on the most beautiful planet of the universe. Where else do you think is heaven? We all can interact, talk, share, celebrate, understand and live here. Isn't this a heavenly feeling? Your heaven is made up of your beliefs and your attitude towards life .Everyone takes birth and comes empty handed but you can have all your hands full only if you believe in 'make in heaven' and not 'made in heaven'.

If you are together and are in a bond, celebrate that and make the best out of it but its a sad view around. Every relation is upset, everyone is just fed up and just looking for a chance to hurt the other and its very true, we only value things or person when its not there anymore and then that realization is of no use. Celebrate that relation now and learn to live and grow together.

Its very important to feel and experience every emotion of being alive to lead a life that can be called as 'heaven' and we all are capable of that. Just look into yourselves and ask what you want and then just go find it! As desire leads to the destination and that too true destination. The only thing you need to do is love and believe!

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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