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Made in heaven...

I am sorry, marriages are not made in heaven. In fact, for that matter any relation is not made in heaven. Relations are nurtured in heavenly manner, marriages are made heavenly. Sooner we come out of this misconception, better we will be able to understand the true meaning of the relations we all are in or the relations that we build. Trolling through all the cases and news and issues of the people that they face after being in love for so long and getting married after knowing each other and then the suddenly after sometime having a bitter break up for others to mock at and then they give a tagline, ' inspiring stories'. Excuse


What is to get inspired about in this? What we should be inspired of? About how these people fall in love and make all the worldly promises to each other and then suddenly breakup because they cannot overcome their insecurities or they cannot handle their feelings and emotions and then they make all this public also for others to take a lesson or to get inspired from! Give me a break, people! Grow up!

True relations are when you are not ready to give up easily and the relations which are build on a strong foundation and the relations which are nurtured with maturity and sanity in place. The real strength and beauty reflects in how efficiently you maintain your relations instead of how easily you break them up. I think the judicial system of this country is more busy in making people understand how they should live together. People, please learn to manage your personal relations at your personal level. Let the judiciary do something productive.

I am not supporting domestic violence or disrespect. But I want everyone to understand the importance of relations that we make on our own. Please do not make fun of those and do not take each other for granted and this holds equally true for both males and females. We all should learn to respect the individuality of each other and most importantly learn to respect the right of everyone to live and that every being deserves to be loved and cared for. Do not ask for something that you cannot offer or give. Be a sensible being and learn to grow in your relations instead of ruining them.

I read this beautiful quote that inspired me a lot which says , " You don't have to be perfect to inspire others, let others get inspired by how you handle your imperfections."

Love everyone, respect everyone and care for everyone.

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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