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Love- the strongest emotion of all times!

The sky turning pink,

and the showers of roses,

the rain becomes soothing,

and every blowing wind seems breeze,

When a complete confusion persists,

and all the logic fails,

My friend, its nothing but magic,

and that magic is love!

Love has been the strongest emotion of all times and of course we all know there are numerous stories to read and to know of the people who sacrificed their life just for love because they could not overcome that at any point of time in their lives. A strong emotion that you feel for someone very special but what makes that person so special for you?

Your desire to live, your desire to be understood as you are, your desire to be accepted as you are and your desire to be loved and cared for, all these make you fall for someone. This holds true for every human being and everyone deserves this kind of attention and affection. But all stories are not love stories and even if they are, they are not able to survive the hardships of life and time and give up soon.

In spite of being the strongest and the purest emotion, why love faded and why its meaning is changed? For this we all have to talk to ourselves and try and understand how we have started manipulating the pure soul of love? Love is not easy and to abide by it for life is extremely difficult that's why people have found some short term substitutes for the same.

Infatuation, lust, cleverness, momentary love, all this has replaced true love and hence, instead of finding solace and peace, people now-a-days suffer being in love.

We all are paying a high cost for becoming more logical and have forgotten that some things doesn't carry any logic but still form the strongest foundation of life. Love is one of them. Being logical is the need of the hour but for keeping that logic sharp and working in the positive direction, some nutrition is required and that nutrition is love. Just love everything and everyone but do love someone to the bottom of your heart and do have someone who is very special for you because that is the strongest force that keep you going.

Don't keep anything inside, just say and express and live by that but don't expect the same. Among all this, we should remember that everyone is different and above all is an individual but that doesn't mean that you should curb yourself. Just express and let yourself flow with life and love. Then experience the magic! The energy, the enthusiasm, the positivity and You. It would nothing be less than a deadly combination!

Keep loving!!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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