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Love is in the air!

Love!! is an incredible feeling of belonging and connection of every individual with every other being in this world. Everyone has their own perspective of love! You can't explain this four letter word in a sentence or two and even if I write about it my whole life, I will not be able to define love, its that vast!

Every living being on this planet has this inherent quality of loving, animals love, birds love, humans love. The only difference lie in how we express our love. The most beautiful form of love is self love but not selfish love! To love and express, you need to love yourself first because people may not speak to you, they may not be in contact with you but believe me, your energy reaches them. Love yourself enough to spread this energy of love around.

Love is a beautiful expression. When you love someone, the biological, chemical, psychological processes all come together to make you feel the best and the best favor that you can do to yourself is grab this opportunity when you really feel strongly for something or someone! Life and time are very unpredictable, once gone, never come back, so be vigilant and take care of yourself, listen to yourself and just be by your own side.

Love your family, your parents,your children, your friends, and all other things in your life that matter to you the most. Love is a positive energy that never dies or get destroyed, it just multiplies and get transferred from one point to another and all we need today is to fill our lives with positivism and happiness to overcome any kind of stress that we all go through at some or the other point of time.

Remember, let your love for everyone and everything be free of cost and with no expectations and then see the difference, all you give will come back to you!! Its magic!!

So folks!! let's love and spread love!!

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