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Love in disguise!

People are basically categorized as extroverts and introverts based on their ways of interaction with people around, their interaction with their family members, friends, their children and their peers. Extroverts are characterized as very outspoken and their confidence level usually reflect from their ways of conducting themselves and their ways of interacting whereas introverts are opposite in a way that though they are also confident but do not believe much in expressing themselves in each and every situation and do not believe in sharing their thoughts with everyone around easily. Introverts are usually assumed as very secretive people.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert the experiences, the feelings, the emotions doesn't change. The only thing that differs is the way these people deal with all these. Love is a feeling that anybody can get for anyone, anytime, in any situation as it is something magical when a person experiences love. Though biology has its own scientific theory behind it which is again very relevant to explain what exactly happens when one falls in love with someone but love as such has its own reasons and theories which differ for everyone around.

I was watching a short film, where this very simple looking boy feels a lot of attraction towards a girl and the scenario is that the boy is an introvert and the girl is an extrovert. Now, if he stays in his normal avatar he could never express himself to her, so he finds a solution about how to express himself. He start giving her calls from an unknown number but again talking to her in a way that he completely play with her mind because he knew her very well but could not express in front of her as his original self. He could act very well in his new avatar and could have so much of power and courage to impress her to the level that she falls for him completely, again unaware of his identity and name.

Love exist in many forms and in this case it is ' Love in Disguise'. But everything becomes significant when it is accepted and expressed as such in its true sense, in its original form. To appreciate, to love, to care, to recognize, you don't have to wear a mask. You just have to be yourself because the universal truth is that we can wish for so many things but we cannot have all of that in one life and another aspect of this is that if the thing or that person belongs to you, it will make its path to reach you at the right time and if it doesn't belong to you, you cannot have that whatever path you take or whatever effort you make. So, no need to mask yourself in different characters to express your true self. Do it without any fear just keeping in mind that your actions should not be destructive for anyone or anything.

The girl in the story fell in love with this stranger but the boy could not bear this betrayal at his part and stopped practicing that as he realized that he is not actually what he portrayed. He had to be truthful to himself at least.

Hence, love without fear of getting rejected. Just express your true self and experience the magic!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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