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Loneliness: State of being Alone!!

An individual is born alone and an individual dies alone! Our creator select some of us to be a part of this life stage and assign us various roles to perform during our tenure on this life stage. To play various roles, we have to a part of various situations, we have to be in relation with different people and accordingly the roles that we have to play are decided. The most prominent feature or I would say attribute of 'being human' is that we all are emotional beings and feel connected to things, environment, animals and people around. While playing all these roles we forget to exit some scenes and start feeling that we belong here and all these things, people, nature also belong to us, we own them. An average age of an individual is 60-70 years which is a long period and an individual goes through all the different stages of life till this age. Hence, feeling connected is obvious.

During this time period, we not only play certain roles, we also experience some drastic biological and psychological changes that just shake us up and most of the times it becomes very difficult to manage stuff. In these conditions, we all need to be a bit selfish and we need to understand that the people, the things and everything around with what we feel attached are in place because of us. We are carrying those relations, we love, we care, we get angry and same goes for the things too, we use them, we carry them, we make them important. Instead of thinking like this what do most of us do? Stop paying attention to 'we' and start paying attention to 'them'. This is the moment when problem start! Think and observe that all your relations, all your commitments, all your tasks, all your entertainment zones have you in the center and not other people or things. You are making up for all these things and hence, they are dependent on you. You are your best pal and all these things matter because you are a part of all these. Once you seclude yourself all these things around become meaning less.

You are very brave to enter this new setting, new planet, new world with lot of confusions alone, then why you start depending on others to make you complete? You are complete version of yourself. If you are making relations, if you are learning, if you are using certain things, if you are experimenting, all this stuff you do to become an efficient version of your own and not to prove to anyone! Stop giving your control in anybody's hand and start valuing yourself. Your life is about you. This feeling of loneliness comes in when we start showing lot of dependency on somebody or something but in that state also you see your intuition is with you, you yourself is with you. So, how can you be alone?

But there are certain people who are strong enough to overcome their consciousness, they are so powerful that they even influence their own intuition and end everything by finishing themselves and quitting this stage at their own will. Thousands of followers, millions of likes, a star and a role model for millions out there, suddenly quit by committing suicide. I was watching this girl that was a tik tok star. She was so beautiful and talented with so much of glow in her personality but very weak, irresponsible that before taking this step she did not realize even once, what impact she's going to leave on so many people out there.I pray her soul rest in peace.

People, its very important that we know

our worth and start recognizing ourselves before this planet is full of these kind of weak souls. We feel alone when we abandon ourselves, when we stop listening to our own conscious, when we just look at our life from others perspective. Your life revolves around you and you are the focus, every other thing associated with you is worth because you are there. So, love yourself and never feel alone. Be your own best friend!

Take care!! You matter!!

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