Live every second..

'Life', this term encompasses everything that can breathe, that can see, that can feel, that can touch and experience and fortunately we are alive among all others those who can breathe.

Being alive is just about one breath, you breathe in, you are alive, you don't or can't, its off.

Have we ever thought how fragile this concept of breath is? Whenever I think of it, it makes me realize that my every little second is so precious and I want to spend that every second in doing and experiencing something that I value the most and I do. In fact everyone must do. Nothing is permanent here, One day you and I will perish and will become memories but make sure that you as a memory are cherished by the people who are left behind and make sure you live in their memories and who knows you may visit them in their subconscious whenever they feel you.

I was reading this quote somewhere, ' We live once, we die once', which was corrected as, 'We die once but we live every day' and I loved it! This is what should be believed and practiced. Connect yourself to every little thing around you that has life and feel that love and affection. Feel that you are surrounded by the best creations of the universe and just keep falling in love with everything.

Its all about how you feel and how you connect. If you just give yourself out there, you will see and experience how beautifully things come back to you. The only eternal things during your lifetime and after life are love, compassion and mind full of acceptance and openness.

Smile, look for good in everything, believe in the purity of nature. Believe me, you won't even need to meditate.

There is this beautiful, Sufi piece where a story is narrated where a priest is a wanderer and just keep travelling here and there. Once he saw a beautiful girl out in her balcony and stopped to look at her and admired her. People objected and asked the priest, 'being a priest do you read something religious or you just keep staring at beautiful girls'? The priest replied, ' for me all these beautiful, innocent faces are like god and as I keep looking at these, I feel myself in heavenly abode.' Hence, god resides in our hearts! Just love and admire the beauty around in whatever way you want and live every second the way you appreciate.

"Live every second in a way that you are alive every second for generations to come."

Love you all!!

Happy Reading!

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