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Light up to enlighten!

Festivals, holidays, celebrations make up these months of October and November. Diwali is round the corner and everyone is in the mode of celebrations and enjoyment. Here's just a few lines for all of you...

Light up this Diwali,

Celebrate your being,

Hold your thoughts right,

To know beyond,

to hold your might.

Move beyond perceptions,

explore with open mind

know what's unknown,

overcoming assumptions,

Knowing your own rights.

Spread love,

Share concern,

Thank god! for this wonderful life,

Help in need,

overcoming greed.

Share what you know,

Absorb what you need to know,

Take a walk through your thoughts,

To explore your deepest woes.

" May this festival of light brings in happiness and glory to your lives."

A very Happy Diwali to all of you!!


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