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Life, on other side of blue...

"The color of light is white,

but it carries all the shades right.

Its a spectrum,

where it starts with blue and ends at red,

Showing that life is there at another end...

Not everything is blue, there are other colors too,

and these are the colors of happiness and love,

these are colors, orange, green and red."

Our life is a spectrum of so many colors. Some are blue, some are red but all these help us grow and help us learn. Difficulties and hardships help you think and analyze and the happy moments help you to celebrate your success. The only thing is, are we taking each moment as it is? or we are trying to manipulate it? Never try to manipulate that comes to you naturally because anything is that is natural is the most powerful and its never wise to change the course of something that is natural.

Life provide us opportunities, to love, to express, to know, to achieve, to work hard, to learn and to enjoy every moment and our job is to identify the right mood of the situation and the time and do the needful but most of the times we are so overwhelmed by our thoughts that we don't even care what's coming our way and how we should react to that. Learn to control your emotions in a way that you can respond to each life instance as required to be happy and contended.

There will be moments when you should be happy but at the same time something inside you is not letting you to be happy as may be you are too caught up with your sadness but this is the time where we can prove our versatility. Try and respond to life as life and try to switch between moments and incidents. You will realize that if at one place something wrong has happened, at another place something good is also happening and want you to be a part of it.

Life has its own mechanism and it puts everything in place by itself, we just have to respond in the right way. Avoid over reaction and anger because both these attributes never yield any positive results. Put a smile on your face and move on and you will not even realize, how many lives you will heal by this small gesture! Always remember, whatever you give, it comes back to you.

Hence, life is an array of colors, its not only blue!

love you all!!

Happy reading!

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