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Life is not a velvet cake!

'Aging is natural and everything that is alive has to has to die one day. '

Yeah! Yeah! I know this!

But another truth of this life is, till the time a person is alive, he or she would never accept this fact as there are many other over dominating factors that regulate your life cycle till the time you breathe. We all create a beautiful life that surrounds us. Our family, loved ones, friends, social circles, elders, brothers and sisters, all these become the reason for us to be alive and to enjoy this one life to the fullest. Everyone says, that to live is a lie and to die is the truth but I believe, truth lies in the moment, in that instance of time. Whatever you do in that one instance is the truth and not what you think is going to happen sometime later.

We all are born in a family and share all sorts of bonds with different members of the family. The attachment levels differ based on how you click with someone and how your frequency matches with that member. Love prevails, relations prevail, the moments are lived and enjoyed, sometimes that difficult times are handled together as a part of the life cycle and finally a day or a moment arrives when we have to leave this life stage and go. It is difficult, very difficult!

I know to live is not easy but to die is the worst because everyone doesn't die in peace. My mother died in so much pain knowing that her end is near and accepting that fact truly where as her whole life she was just relieving pain of others. My grandfather died oblivious of the fact that he is going to die the next moment. Everyone has a different end and I don't want to get into the discussions related to karma here because what I believe is the end should be based on the your karma of this present life and not on What you did in some previous life but beliefs are beliefs which cannot be shaken easily.

Death of your loved ones leave you in so much pain and this is the time when you are the most helpless, in spite of having everything you are left with nothing! May be I am more sensitive and cannot not bear or see anyone suffering and when it comes to my very near and dear ones, it becomes intolerable, but still as I always say and believe that time is a big healer and takes care of everything, I know this time too shall pass.

In the memory of my mom and my grandfather(Naanu).

Will miss you both till my last breath.

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