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Life is a roller coaster!

It's not always that you learn from your shortcomings, you also learn from the the way you express your shortcomings, the way you express your point of views to others. I am otherwise very positive and thoughtful most of the times but there are certain areas that blow up my mind and I just go out of order at times while expressing for the same. So, today's read is all about how to guide others and yourself positive even when your are very negative about something.

There is a concept called 'Karma' and also there is a concept called ' confidence' and 'resilience'. Most of the times we surrender to our 'Karma' thinking that whatever is happening with us is due to that and we can't change that but I can talk from experience that life gave me chances where I could defeat or I must say manage my 'Karma' with my confidence and being resilient. The conditions that are prevailing are so disheartening that even if a person want to think positive, he or she is not able to most of the times.

So, there are ways to overcome these shortcomings of ours. The first thing that you can do is, just know yourself very well, your desires, your passion, your mindset, your thought process and for all this you have to spend time with yourself. The next step is to device ways and create paths to achieve all these. Now, all of us won't get the same set of conditions to accomplish what we want but if we are clear what we want we can focus and create our own paths. Mind it, all the paths are not easy so, just be positive and carry on.

There are certain aspects of life that I have just taken off from my list and I am no more interested in working on them because they do not fit in my list of desires and passion anymore and same thing happens with most of us. So, set your priority in terms of what you need the most and believe me everyone's priority is different. Your priorities define you, for which you are not answerable to anyone and each one of us have right to work on our priorities because they are the source of mindfulness and peace in our lives.

Be proud of what you are, appreciate yourself because you are one of your kind and do not give off the courage for any little difficulty that you have to face and remember one thing, problems exist, to be recognized and solved. Every problem has a solution only if you want to solve it. if you do not want then also it's perfectly fine because all problems are not meant for us or we may not prioritize them for ourselves.

Live life the way you want but you may have to make your own mechanisms to do the same. You will not get everything on a platter. Life is very dynamic and will bring you every moment with different set of conditions. Now, you have to deal with it but the only mantra to deal with everything is ,'Stay calm and carry on'. No time, no situation, no condition remains the same forever, it will change and if you believe in yourself, it will change for good.

Being negative about things is fine but be negative in a positive way, do not let it harm your peace of mind, leave it and move on to search for new exciting avenues of life. Life is a roller coaster, just enjoy the highs, lows and never ending turns. Have fun!

Love your all!!

Happy Reading!!

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