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Life found me!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I found you,

You found me,

when I gave up,

Life found me..

Was not ready,

Was over with everything,

Was not expecting,

When something hovered over me.

Was ready to accept,

Was ready to deny,

Was ready to leave,

that me inside me...

When I gave up,

Life found me.

Was not ready to dream,

Was not ready to speak,

Was not ready to explore,

Was not ready to feel.

Was over with every bit,

Was ready to be lonely,

Was ready to stay,

with myself only,


When I gave up,

Life found me.

The path seems foggy,

Nothing is very clear,

But definitely there is hope,

and love, that is crystal clear.

Let me give one more chance,

Let me feel alive again,

Let me live with this change,

Saying, just be brave!

Despite all the lows,

Something holds me high,


When I gave up,

Life found me!


'Believe in yourself, life is great!"

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