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Life: A betrayer or a savior?

Being alive, being able to breathe, see, hear and listen, feel and touch and express, what else a living being needs?

Much more than this!

We all are very lucky to have this one life and have got the chance to live it the way we want to but why do we feel disheartened sometimes? Why we feel that we are not satisfied with what we have? Why do we feel like flying away or to get away from our present conditions? Why is that discontentment that keeps prevailing now and then? What are we lacking?

All these questions keep popping up in my mind when sometimes I also face this kind of situation and I have to answer these questions because if these questions remain unanswered they are going to take over the peace of my mind which no one would want.

We all are sometimes in a situation where we feel like giving up and many of us out there do give up and end everything because they can no more carry the burden of themselves but there are fighters also who keep fighting back these negative thoughts and keep getting up strong.

Another thought that comes to my mind, "Is life a one man battle?" More and more I think about it, more and more I get convinced that, yes! it is. Sooner or later we all have to admit that what we suffer or go through is all our creation and its all about what we weave and knit in our minds. We all weave a net of all good fantasies that we want to fulfill in our life span but there is something that already exists and that we cannot change. The love, affection, insecurities, bonding keep dwelling and keep dissolving but the only thing we need to learn is to let go of things and move on which is again not at all easy. What is the solution then?

Conditioning is the solution. Conditioning of your mind and heart is very necessary. Keep yourself open to accept that life has to offer and try to make the best out of it and let go of things as and when required. Believe whatever happens, it happens for good. Your battle is your battle because your life is only yours and you are supposed to condition yourself the best you can. When we fail to do this, our thoughts start ruling us and then the steering of our life no more remain in our hands and life gets off track.

Conditioning is not a magic and it takes a lot of time to learn to condition your mind to the level that you are no more perturbed. Practicing it consciously definitely makes an impact.

Keep exploring and keep nurturing yourself to come out of whatever disturbs you by keeping yourself busy in the things that helps you divert your concentration and attention.

Everything is possible if believed! Just take good care and be conscious.

At times life seems to betray but the same life also give you the chance to stand up again and save yourself. Do not miss that chance!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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