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Let your thoughts flow....

Thoughts flow like a stream of water, the ripples, the waves, the turns, passing over the stones, sometimes calm, at times enraged, managing the way through the crevices, then again relaxed. You cannot think in one direction or in one way for writing something. Your thoughts need to be diverse and should flow unrestricted to bring out the truth about what you really feel or think and I believe writing your heart out is the best way to deal with what you deal with inside.

You cannot plan to write something mechanically as your thought process is designed on what you experience and we do not experience same thing all the time. It's a dynamic world, a world full of exciting things around. You write the best when you sit with a raw blank page of your mind where nothing is written or thought of because planning things sometimes make you biased and forces your mind not to think in any other direction but this and expression through writing cannot be the best if its restricted.

Personally, I value independence the most. If you have not liberated yourself from all the unnecessary restrictions around, you are not free to do anything. A conscious effort is needed for this. If you know something and want to reach out, just do it and do it the way you want to do. Don't worry about what others will think as anyway they are not going to think your way. So just chill!!( Haha).

I feel very satisfied and happy when I get responses of people who read my blogs and appreciate because for me, its an award every time whenever I am able to write somebody's heart out here on my page. You build connection, you develop empathy, you understand people and the ones in need. Few lines written by you can do wonders in someone's life. So, let your thoughts flow and write free!

Reaching out is important. Talking about thinking and thought process, its a continuous phenomenon but let's make it more useful instead of just adding extra load on our own brains, let's share through whatever means we can. So, just write your heart out. Do not worry about what it will come out as because the result is going to be in the most raw and beautiful form.

Be Happy!!

Love you all!!

Keep reading and loving!!

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