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Let's walk together..

Being together is every second person's wish with the one they want to be but there is a striking gap between what we want and what we get. This is because we are not made to sit, relax and relish the stuff on our plates. We are made to strive hard, we are made to work towards it, we are made to find out ways to achieve what we want but often the path seems very difficult.

We all get so excited when we start with a new journey with a partner but slowly the path start becoming rough and we start facing lot of obstacles in it. I am sure everyone has different reasons for this but it does happen. Why the journey that starts so good becomes tough and boring after sometime? The reason behind is the unnecessary expectations, possessiveness and may be in some cases excess of love or misunderstandings.

I am writing all this because at times I also go through this phase but yes I do reflect back on what I am doing and what are and will be the consequences of the same. Life, relations are very complicated and the person who masters these is the master of all the sciences that exist. Each one of us on this planet strive to live somehow and fulfill desires till the extent that is possible but not in every case the conditions are feasible which results in frustrations, anger and many unfortunate events.

Every time I get entangled in these feelings, I look inside me and sit with myself to give myself my time because no one knows you better than you, yourself. You know your battles, you know your weakest areas, your know what gives you a boost but the only mistake we make is trying to get all this from somebody else who is a different person altogether who can understand you at times but can't be you.

Be your own friend, soulmate, buddy, partner and whatever you want to be. Life is not a cake walk neither are the relations but somehow the we have to maintain balance not for someone else but for ourselves, otherwise things get really hard, complicated and difficult to solve.

"Let's walk together is a truth till the time you are with yourself, if you lose yourself to someone else, this becomes only a myth."

Hope most of you will relate to this!

Just chill and carry on!

Love you all!!

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