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Learning from experience

As we tread through ups and down of our life, we fall, we get up, sometimes we enjoy, sometimes we give up. Our life exam start from the time we are born. There are stages when you are over stressed and become negative about all that you are going through and then there are moments that make you love everything around and makes you the happiest person on Earth.

Life is made up of good and bad experiences and we all have to go through them at some or the other point of time. The beauty of the struggles that we go through is that we can be at our best when we suffer the most because the thought and the desire to live keep us moving. Hard times make us strong and resilient. Good times help us enjoy the fruits of our success and the hard work we had put in.

To enjoy all the flavors of life, keep challenging yourself and do not be afraid of facing any problem because only those who face problems enjoy the taste of success. Another very important thing which all should consider is being self dependent. Try and learn to increase your capabilities by exploring different areas, by learning, by trying, by giving a chance. Do not be afraid of failures. Failures teach you new ways to conduct yourself and new methods to carry out tasks.

Be strong like a pillar and calm like a breeze. Bring nature to yourself and feel how it manages the disasters that happen. Learn from your surroundings. Learn from your experiences. The only wealth that you will earn for life is the 'Learning from Experiences'.

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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