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'Learn not to fail.'

Recently watched and shared a video from 'Sadguru'. I am a big fan of how he interprets life and its elements and I got to know a very beautiful thing about life. He says, he doesn't believe in learning from failures instead we should learn not to fail and it's beautiful! Yes! why we should wait to fail and then wait to learn from our failures?

But this doesn't mean that we cannot fail. We can and will fail at times in life in any given scenario but thinking the other way round would increase our horizon to think as when we will explore the ways not to fail, we would be bound to excel and think of varied ways that could lead us to success instead of just learning from where we failed as learning from failures limit our potential to that dimension only but if we strive not fail, it adds more to our productivity.

Failures are necessary, we cannot succeed all the time as, if we do not eat a bitter fruit we won't be able to relish a sweet one! Similarly, if we do not taste failures, we would never be able to know the importance of success. Failures make us strong but the efforts put in the direction where we strive not fail would add to more conscious thinking and will help us take more informed decisions for life.

The risk to fail teach us life. It is this point when we start thinking more sensibly and become resourceful. Success is important but the path to success is more important as the journey teaches you all the pros and cons making you the best version of yourself. Hence, do not refrain from taking risks and do not be afraid of failures but invest in learning not to fail.

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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