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Last day of my school...

How should I define my feelings today! Yeah... its nostalgia, anxiety, a fear of leaving behind a world of wonderful people, kids and all those things around me that ever helped and stood by me during my journey of these five years!

The last five years have been a blessing where I could learn, explore, expand, and grow exponentially. Life give us opportunities and we are supposed to grab those and work on them mindfully to achieve the best. I still remember the day I came to this school (MRIS, Mohali) for an interview which was again an unplanned one but I never knew its going to change my perspective of teaching forever.

I am grateful to my mentors who gave me this platform and held me so confidently throughout the journey. "Unlearn what you have been doing so far", was the first sentence that I heard from my mentor on my first interaction with her and that's what changed my life forever!

I am grateful and thankful to each and every aspect of my working here because everything taught me the best lessons of life and no doubt I got ample opportunities to explore myself and extend my limits in order to learn something new!

I am going to share my best learning ever with you here today!

When we study, we chose some streams to excel in or specialise in. The choice of these streams, specially in Indian context is further influenced by many factors and I am not going into the details of the same. Whatever you study and wherever you find a chance to settle as per your job or career, enter the place with a positive mindset and a lot of empty space in your head so that you are able to learn something new. It is not necessary that we will always end up doing something that we like or want to do but we will always succeed and excel if we are open to learning and exploring.

Teaching was never my chosen profession but when I entered this profession, I started finding opportunities in the same field that served my interests too! So just be smart and see every situation as an opportunity and then I assure you, there is no looking back!

Through this piece of writing, I want to extend my sincere thanks to my mentors, my colleagues and my beautiful children who played a major role in making me what I am today!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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