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Keep it simple!

We are already living in a very complex world that is full of demands, targets to be achieved, challenges at every step where everyone is in a race to be on the top, to be the most good looking, to be the most intelligent, to be the most accepted and appreciated. All these things and events lead to a lot of stress that builds up in our minds and hearts. Hence, it is very important to keep it simple.

Every individual is born with some innate qualities and attributes and these attributes make the basis for that individual as to how he or she is going to lead life in various respects. But, as we grow in age we misinterpret the scenario and start thinking that our competition is with everyone around but ourselves. We get into that race and when all the expectations are not fulfilled, we end up stressed and depressed. The word competition is always understood as competing with others. Have you ever thought about your own progress as an individual without comparing yourself to others? If not, do it now!

Remember, no individual is same and none of us can become someone else. We all will always be ourselves, hence instead of competing with others and trying to become like someone else, try to become the best version of yourself. Compete with yourself, its more healthy as for this you do not have to depend on others to give you the rating on your improvement. Be your own judge and rate yourself.

Actually, the things around are very simple till we manipulate and make them complex. We do not need to do this. Your biggest strength is that none other is like you. You are the only one of your own kind. Work on yourself and concentrate on your self improvement and results will show up themselves. You won't even have to make efforts for that. Of course, we can learn from anyone and anywhere we want to but please avoid copying and strive to become your own original self. Become a beautiful being from inside, with empathy, courage, confidence, truthfulness, happiness, humbleness as your jewels and then just wait and watch, the stage is yours!

If every individual start competing with his or her own self instead of competing with other people out there, this world will be the best place to live in and thrive.

"Self reflect and keep it simple."

Love you all!

Happy Reading!!

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