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It's too Simple!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

A lot to think,

A lot to explore,

A lot to experience,

A lot to hone.

Going beyond,

past everything,

is not always a solution.

Stay calm,

Stay steady,

Just slow down and think on.

Mixed up tasks,

Mixed up thoughts,

Mixed up feelings,

Mixed up present,

Mixed up past.

Many a times we go through these kind of thoughts. Sometimes we overthink, sometimes we let go, sometimes we stop and sometimes, we just flow. Everything is good, all is fine. Just give some time and stay calm. Everything fall in place with time though you may have to wait. Give space and live your life. Respect everyone's perspective and appreciate what you like.

"Life is not complicated but it's too simple to understand because we have started living it in a very complicated manner."

Happy Weekend to all!

Enjoy n keep reading !

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