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Just go with the flow..

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Hi there!!

Updates are slow and not able to connect often these days. Just a bit busy with another project but nevertheless I miss writing and want to share so much with you all!! Hope all are doing great and enjoying the festival season.

Sometimes, I feel

how confused I am?

sometimes high,

at times how low I am?

Sometimes I rush,

at times how slow I am?

Going beyond limits,

getting a bit harsh ,

working too much,

accomplishing so many tasks,

Sometimes I feel,

I want to go slow,

Want to go just with the flow.

Everything seems right,

Everything seems wrong,

Everything seems mine,

Everything seems lost.

Holding on is not right,

letting go is not easy,

Being stuck harasses,

making it difficult,

to hold on tight,

At times I want to go slow,

Just want to go with the flow.

Let yourself flow,

let your boat row,

through the turbulent waters,

through the harshest blows,

See yourself rising,

See yourself glow.

Release your reigns,

take a stride,

with all the highs and lows,

just enjoy the ride,

And Go with the flow..

Each one of us go through these thoughts often and want to get out of these entangled thoughts!

Hope all of you can relate!!


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