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Life is so dynamic and everchanging that we are bound to miss out on so many interesting things that we can come across if we do not pay attention. I sometimes wonder, there is a treasure out there to explore but may we don't have that much of time. Wanna travel the world and explore the beauty of this planet during my life time but sometimes I feel may be the life span will not be that much. Anyways, I do not sit back and get sad about it because this is not in my hands or anyone's hands but one thing that is in my hands is to live each and every moment God bestowed me with and if I do not do that even, I am disrespecting this one life.

One of my students complimented me for exploring different areas of interest and was asking what all hidden talents are there that we may get to see in future. I just replied one thing, 'everyone is a talent hub.' The only thing required is to know yourself and explore yourself. Different chapters of life will bring you new challenges, new opportunities, new areas of interest to explore but all these will be a waste of time if we do not make the best possible out these opportunities.

As we all know, the moment that passes never returns but you can recreate those in your future by making the most out of those today and keeping the evidence of what you did. You should have memories that too good ones, to cherish later in life when you may not be this active. I take shots, make videos, click pictures of whatever I do and of whatever I explore because I want to be proud and happy about myself when I will look back after some years. I want to have that sense of accomplishment. Do not look up to someone for praising you or appreciating, no one will do but you. Only you will be with yourself and let's have the best version of us.

I just keep exploring myself, not to achieve perfection but to learn as learning never stops of end and we can never say that we have learned everything. So, give yourself that opportunity and just live each and every moment of your life. I personally do not believe in perfection. Till the time there is imperfection, we are living, learning, exploring, achieving and this is only what is called 'LIFE'.

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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