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Its OK ... not to be OK

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

It's ok to shut down,

It's ok not to listen to the world around,

It's ok not to bother much,

It's ok if you feel it's too much.

It's ok not to be known,

It's ok to just be your own,

It's ok not to give a damn,

It's ok to be your own fan.

It's ok not to expect much,

It's ok... just go and take some rest,

It's ok to breathe your own air,

It's ok not to bother anyone's affair.

It's ok to be yourself,

It's ok to think about self,

It's ok not to be at your best,

It's ok for if your mind is at rest.

It's ok if you don't have regrets,

It's ok if you don't mind your steps,

It's ok not if you want to go wild,

It's ok if you want to fly.

'Nothing matters but your life. Live the way you want, without any regrets'.


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