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Its easier said than done!

We all are very fond of giving advices and trying to help people out and help them overcome their problems but these good advices are not always welcomed by the people for whom you are making efforts because we cannot step in each others shoes that is what we face or feel being in any situation individually, none other can feel that. We all know this but sometimes we all get to experience all these things very closely and this help us believe that most of the things are, ' easier said than done'.

As I always say, Life and time are very unpredictable and none of the individual knows, what is going to happen in the next very second but still all of us want our lives to be happy, full of adventure, calmness, love and harmony but this is not the case with everyone and almost everyone has to go through a phase of life where the things go upside down and we feel and find ourselves lost and we find ourselves totally unclear about what should be done and how that should be done.

I have a colleague, who lost her daughter to cancer last year and the child was just 8 years. No mother can bear the loss of her child because only a mother knows how much pain and effort and emotional turmoil goes in to give birth and then rear up the child by compromising sleep of countless nights and taking care of the child each and every second. I look at her and always feel that how strong she is that she is surviving this loss in her life and carrying on with her daily routine, which is actually the truth as nothing changes the life and daily routine continues but that void remains a void and is never filled. Though we all try to make her comfortable by diverting her attention but we cannot reduce her pain and nothing could relieve her suffering.

I am myself very emotional and cannot really handle situations like these but with time things start healing up and we make ourselves busy and occupied, which I think is very necessary as we cannot die with the dead but we have to live as we all have a set time limit for the time we all are alive. So, make your every moment count, take the strength from your sufferings and look at yourself, to encourage yourself that how far you have come. Every one has to bear a loss of an untimely demise of any of their loved ones, once in their lifetime but we all need to remember that life doesn't end with that because life is to flourish and it does not support the walking dead people.

This is just one experience and just one story and I am sure all of you must be having something to mention and recall here. So, life is full of sufferings but the search for hope and opportunity should not stop. Look for options to make your life more purposeful and capable of living. You cannot control, birth and death but you can definitely control the way you live and survive. So, just try to overcome your own fears and sufferings by getting more aligned with yourself and your own strengths.

Love you all!

Happy Reading!!

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