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It's good to be stuck!

Here, I remember that dialogue from ' 3 Idiots', one of the finest movies made in Bollywood, Veeru Sahastra buddhe addressing the new admissions, " Life is a race, agar nahi bhaagoge to peeche reh jaaoge." Yes, most of us are just running a race to win and I am really confused to win over what? Let's talk about this today.

Job opportunities, leg pulling, defaming someone to rise, trying to avail offers by hook or crook, all this is a very common scenario these days and is leading to a lot suffering too but the suffering part is ignored by most of us till the time we bear the brunt of it. Then, comes a time when we are not able to go back and correct anything which actually adds on to more suffering. It is not compulsory that every time you try something, you will accomplish that but every time you try something, you definitely learn. When we start giving more importance to achievement than the learning, it leads to suffering. We get distracted from our goal and just become a part of the foolish, aimless race.

I am a work alcoholic and love to keep myself busy but not to win any race or rise above someone but to learn, explore, imagine, analyze and apply. I compete with myself and none other because I don't have a competition and in fact no one does. Every individual is different with a different set of thought process and different set of skills and what you have inside can never be taken away from you. People can follow you, they can try to become like you but they cannot be like you. You do not have a match and with pride, wear this crown folks!!

Whenever in life you feel, you are left behind just relax as that is the time given to you by nature to sit and relax and reflect on what is supposed to be done to make the things right. Just breathe and look out of the darkness, you will see a bright thin streak of light that will show you the path about what to do next. Be your own critique and try to explore everything from a new perspective. Do not panic as being stuck means just enjoy and rethink and workout a new solution to the problem by redefining it and then you will see one problem doesn't have only one solution instead there are number of ways you can solve one problem and believe me, you will feel very good and contended then and won't regret, ' BEING STUCK'.

"Run when the path is clear, jog when path needs to be redefined, walk when mind needs to relax and rethink. Work out with your mind and heart in sync."

Love you all!

happy reading!

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