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It's been so long..

It's been so long,

I sat with myself,

listened to myself,

held myself,

hugged myself.

It's been long,

I paid attention to myself,

thought about myself,

looked at myself,

consoled myself.

It's been long,

I questioned myself,

answered myself,

justified myself,

proved myself.

I have been lost,

in thoughts, fantasies,

dreams and emotions,

it took me sometime,

to come back,

hold myself and ask,

Where have you been?

I am quiet, I am relaxed,

holding on to myself,

no exaggerations,

no expectations,

no drama, no extrapolations.

I have not been myself,

It's been long...

"We do get carried away with situations, feelings and emotions but your real, true abode is only within you."


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