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It's a beautiful weather!

It's a beautiful weather,

touching me so soft like a feather,

holding me close,


whispering, 'you matter'.

It's a beautiful weather,

showering the colors of life,

the raindrops wipe off my tears,

the rainbow help me,

take the swing of life.

It's a beautiful weather,

making me realize,

the wonders of one life,

holding my hand, and

asking me to walk with pride.

It's a beautiful weather,

helping me walk,

through the muddy puddles,

teaching me to balance,

the life hurdles.

It's a beautiful weather,

making me fall in love,

with every little spec around,

making me realize the worth of living,

looking straight into my eyes,

and asking me to live,

without any bounds.

It's a beautiful weather....

"Keep adding colors to your life, all colors are beautiful"


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