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It's a beautiful weather!

First rain of the winters and winters set in. This year has been a complete turmoil in terms of almost everything. When it started in January, nobody even imagined what it is going to be in the next two months. If I talk about myself, I underwent an operation well in time before March for which I am really thankful that I could manage things timely and was fine by the time this COVID Era started. So, many new experiences and lot of drastic changes, people have undergone this year.

Yesterday, in my colony group a beautiful message was circulated which said, " We have witnessed, cities being closed on the death of any person but this is the first time we witness cities being closed, so that no one dies." I delivers a very important message, if understood.

We all have seen the changes this year through our windows and have reflected upon a lot. This time has taught us that we should not expect everything to be the same always. It has taught us that life and time is all about change and we all should learn to adapt to the changes that come our way with a mindset where we should be positive but think negative that is be ready for the negative situation but with a positive mindset.

I love to sit in my balcony when I get up in the morning with my cup of tea and love to observe and feel nature, my own breath and love to visit all the thoughts that cross my mind at that time. Today, also I was thinking that every moment make us realize the importance of these little things like the beauty of the water droplets on the railing in your balcony, a person exercising on the terrace of another colony in this drizzle, little puddles on the road here and there and the of course the birds which just fly around the grey sky, washed leaves and trees! All these beautiful things were there earlier also, but we never had time to observe due to excessive busy routines but everything compensates and nature compensated in this way.

Its a beautiful weather and let's beautify our souls with this coming new year by carrying along all the lessons, we learnt this year. The most important lesson learnt is, ' nothing is more precious than a healthy mind, body and soul.' Keep working on this and may God fulfill all your good wishes in the coming year and may we all resume our normal routines with our conscious intact.

"Paint your soul with the beautiful shades of nature and take a resolution to live as a conscious and informed being."

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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