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It goes on...

In the dark,

during the dawn,

the moments we share,

and the one's that linger on,

the way we care,

the things we dare,

just love to live like this,

and wish,

it goes on and on.

The laughs, the smiles,

those twinkling eyes with a little shine,

the blush on the cheeks,

those funny talks,

the dream filled sleeps,

that goes on and on.

Non serious conversations,

and tear rolling discussions,

the illogical laughter,

and silly justifications,

this is how I live,

and it goes on and on.

Why get serious,

for something you don't know,

just chill and have fun,

coz' you never know,

hold on to your bestie,

and just roll on,

this is what life is,

and it goes on and on.

Be pure and carry on,

just laugh and move on,

love and spread love,

if troubled, just hold on,

hold yourself tight,

through this roller coaster ride,

as this adventure never stops,

it goes on and on.

#Dedicated to all the besties here!


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