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Is love only about physical chemistry?

Being a chemistry student, I have studied chemistry and all the branches of chemistry. The least favorite of all these was 'Physical Chemistry'( hahah). You must be thinking, what is the connection here with the topic selected but there is! Just be patient and read.

Physical chemistry deals with all the material stuff in the subject area, calculations, derivations, formulas, estimates and just raw mugging up of the stuff. We have a connection here now, when we think of love only in terms of physical connection, it stays limited to calculations only with no feelings and emotions and if you are just stuck with this then you have not understood the real essence of love. Love is the purest form of human relation if understood in its true sense and value but somewhere it is lost in lust!!

Physical attraction have taken over the emotional connections in most of the cases whether you are in a socially tagged relation or in any personal relation that you have chosen for yourself. Bodies are just treated like commodities and are used efficiently but somewhere the bruises that are born, on mind and heart goes unrecognized. This is the case with both the genders and in the name of experiencing stuff, people end up committing heinous crimes. All you folks need to understand love in terms of emotions, feelings, care, consideration, giving space and appreciation.

Love is not about using and gaining, true meaning of love lies in giving and taking utmost care of the one you love. Love is about giving wings to the imagination of your partner, love is the first thought and the last thought of your partner, love is when you talk to him or her all the time in your mind and keep him or her safe inside in spite of all the difficulties that you have to face. Love is divine, do not molest it.

Love is when you hold a hand and that lights up your path to heaven, love is when you feel like giving all your worth, love is when you are truthful to yourself, love is when heart and soul are in sync with divinity and you see that alive in your partner. Love is when you smile without any reason looking at his or her face, love is when tears roll down just by sitting together for sometime. Love is the purest form of nature.

"Humans are made to love, not to be used."

Love you all!

happy Reading!

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