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Is it always easy to choose?

To choose between what I like and what I don't, to choose between what is right and what is wrong, to choose between what should and what should not? No, its not easy! Why so many complications? Why can't we think straight most of the times? Its all because we think so much. We really feel that we can control everything whatever comes our way and we try to control that and manipulate that in our own way. Hence, lot of tensions and frustrations. When things doesn't go our way, most of us feel devastated but its high time we understand one thing that is we all should learn to respect the timing in our lives and need to learn to go with the flow!

We are just like a spec in this vast universe which actually has no end and I really don't know how we got this feeling that we can control and choose what ever we want as per our convenience and choice. I am sorry dear friends, we cannot. So, Stop troubling yourself with excess of everything. Go easy on your life. Let it breathe. Let it choose the best for you.

Learn to experience the time of your life as we all learn from nothing but experience. Sometimes, we feel that I want this thing right now or I won't get it or achieve it after this time but believe that whatever happens it always happens for good and if we do not have anything right now, that is because we are required in some other setting, may be we are required to serve somebody else or may be we are required to experience something else than what we actually want or wish for. So, to lead an easy life just trust the timing and keep working towards your goal. Don't be in a hurry to make choices because sometimes the things that are forced upon you are more fruitful than the choices made by you in haste.

Enjoy being the youngest member of this family of the vast universe as the youngest one in the family is taken care of a lot, so this universe and nature will take care of you. You are just required to trust it, love it and respect it. Stop being boss and stop being adamant. Love whatever come your way but yes keep working towards a good cause and look out for something that can bring smile on everybody's face around you whether connected to you or not but carry that aura with you wherever you go. Believe me, you will be entitled to choose soon as per your choices when you learn to let go and set certain things free in your life. The things that belong to you will always find their way back to you!

'Choose to be happy first'!

Love you all!!

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