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Inspiration: A state of being mentally stimulated!

Inspiration, a feeling of doing something by getting influenced by someone or something is an exceptional human quality that has changed the face of the world. All the developments you see around and all those changes in behavior, attitudes and ways of doing things are nothing but inspired from someone or something. Everything works in coordination and no one can be untouched by anything happening around.

Being sensitive is very important to be inspired because to follow something or to become like someone by imbibing the qualities of that thing or of that person, it is very important that we relate. As I always say, human beings are the most interesting species on earth and the most complicated too and hence, is capable of relating themselves. The environment, plays a very important role. The social environment, the natural settings, the educational environment, the emotional and psychological factors, all these affect the growth of an individual and also decides how much self motivated a person is or how much he or she is prone to be inspired.

To be inspired, you need to have goal in life and that goal set your path where you get on to a spree to find something or someone that can become your source of learning specific to your goal. Inspiration without any goal or aim is just an attraction towards something. The most important thing is identify your interests and then get on to it.

I get inspired by everything around, because I believe that not only living but the non living things also teach you so much and are enough to get inspired from. The sunshine inspires me to be my own sunshine because when you shine from within, you spread light all around. The storm inspires me to be free and powerful and inspires me not accept everything as such and just blow off the things that are not required or cause hindrance in achieving your goal. Rain inspires me to be calm and just relax and soothe my soul. My mentors inspires me to learn everyday and explore everyday about everything happening around. My daughter inspires me to be a responsible mother and a loving being. My friends inspire me to be become the best version of me. The flowers and nature inspire me to bloom, no matter what happens.

You learn everyday and all these learning experiences are your stepping stones towards your larger goal. Be open to learning and embrace everything that teaches you something or help you become a better version of yourself. Your ultimate goal should be to became a human who knows how to live and all other things fall in place automatically.

"The best form of inspiration is being self inspired".

Happy Reading!

Stay motivated!

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