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Innocence and Humans!

Sometimes I feel, we trouble ourselves a lot and keep running the whole time when we very well know that one day all these things will be left behind and nothing we are going to take along. But this innocence of people keeps me engaged and I keep on thinking that how beautifully and innocently we keep on denying the fact that we all are on a journey to the unknown and whatever we feel, whatever we create and whatever we think is ours , is all a myth and the truth is that we are here just to play our role on a stage where we have to create certain things and build so many relations to survive.

These relations and the feelings attached to these are very dangerous. They create the maximum trouble. We get so much involved and so much engrossed in all these that we forget our real identity. How much ever strong we act and become but deep down some where we all are afraid of what will happen? We are not strong enough to leave our loved ones behind or to loose our loved one. Those memories keep haunting you or keep making you sad because we as humans can never understand that only body dies not the soul because with soul we can't talk, we can't share, we can't feel. Its quite

a higher order mental state when you get above all these normal human behaviors.

Unless and until we don't feel the warmth of a hug, unless we don't see that soothing smile, Unless and until we don't feel that touch and all those magical things that make us alive , we do not feel complete and hence we all keep making bonds through out our lives and keep creating this vicious circle of emotions around ourselves. It's difficult, very difficult because that void never gets filled and in true sense we are never able to overcome that loss in our lives but this life is very demanding and keeps us on our toes. So, with time those events get subdued but deep down the pain stays and whenever you are alone all those memories come back to accompany you.

In spite of suffering so much and knowing about all these, we humans are very innocent to fall for all sorts of emotions, feelings, attachments and bonding that come their way. It just takes few minutes to fall in love, it just takes few moments to know someone and get that feeling of belonging , it just take a look into the eyes of another person to know that passion and truthfulness in his or her eyes. It just takes few seconds but it will take your whole lifetime to forget all these.

See! how amazing, loving, innocent we humans are. We are just born to love and care and feel but all these amazing feelings do charge us a lot.But that does not mean that we all should stop feeling because this sense of belonging is our biggest strength and this innocence our jewel!

Keep loving!

Happy reading!

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