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Inner you.. Beautiful you..

What happens when have your stomach upset and you visit a doctor? What does he recommend? He recommends to cleanse your body by eating light food, drinking lot of water to hydrate yourself and to flush out all the toxins from your body. He recommends to give time to your body to regain itself to function properly again and instead of advising to take heavy medicines, usually doctors ask us to resort to natural remedies for these kind of problems. Same theory applies when it comes to our beauty, that is our inner beauty.

What comprises our inner beauty? Inner beauty depends on how pure we are in our thoughts, behavior, attitude, how much empathetic we are, how we deal with difficulties, and what kind of mindset we have. Sunshine cannot replace the beautiful twinkling stars, though it brightens up the day and make everything visible and clear but the things become beautiful and clear only when the inner processing is correct. The twinkle in your eyes is evident only when you twinkle from inside, only when that purity of thoughts reflect in your eyes. Work on your inner beauty and twinkle like stars as they do during the night, in the dark.

You do not need any artificial glow when you glow from inside. Brighten up your dark corners in mind and heart as stars brighten up the dark sky. Nature exemplifies what we need to follow and learn to make our life beautiful and happy, the only thing required is to be conscious and observant. Flush out all the negative thoughts and feelings and fall in love with goodness around. We all have one life and let's not wait for the right moment to arrive instead make every moment the right moment to live and thrive beautifully and happily. The real beauty is inner beauty as everything that shines is not gold.

Make yourself beautiful as flowers because they just have to bloom whatever is the case or weather, be beautiful like stars whose job is to shine, no matter how dark is the sky, be beautiful like nature whose job is to thrive and let the life thrive!

Happy Reading!

Love you all!

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