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Inner Engineering..

Engineering, the complete know how of how a machine work, how to improve the efficiency of the machine, how to get maximum output from that and how it can benefit us or for whatever purpose that is made. This is the general principle behind all the engineering fields that people choose to pursue as their career. How often do we concentrate on our own engineering?

Getting influenced, showing dedication and pursuing interests are the characteristics of all of us but sometimes these things take a toll on us. We forget that our body is also a machine and needs some engineering to function properly. We get so engrossed and occupied in all the things that we do and all the tasks that we perform that we totally forget ourselves. Responsibilities and accountabilities should not be a burden and instead should be taken as a part of life and the normal way of living but some of us are very much vocal about telling and expressing what we do and feels as if only we do where as everyone is doing his or her part. When we are sharing a common place to live and we are bound in a social relation, it is obvious that each one is performing some or the other task but there is a big imbalance and certain elements just shrug their shoulders off from their own responsibilities, creating a burden for others and the problem starts here.

Here is when we commonly hear people expressing that 'I am overburdened', 'I can't cope up with the stress', 'I am lagging behind the target', 'I am not satisfied', and so on. All these thoughts and feelings bring in negativity to oneself and hence, starts affecting our health and mind. It is very important to understand that we all work under a system, rules of which may not be pronounced everywhere and every time but needs to be followed consciously or unconsciously. We all have a physical makeup and psychological makeup and when we talk about inner engineering, we refer mostly to our psychological makeup. Our psychology is fed with positive thoughts like our physical body needs nutrition in the form of food, our mind needs nutrition in the form of positive and encouraging thoughts.

Taking care of ourselves should be our foremost priority and how can we achieve this? We have to get ready everyday, for a new task, a new responsibility, a new venture and for that it is very important that we are encouraged enough to start a new day with a fresh mind and not with a tired self. Hence, feed your mind with positive thoughts and pay attention to the good work that you have done or the little achievements that you have experienced, encourage yourself. To recollect all this and practice all this, we need to give rest to our brain, have a good sleep and get up fresh, a bit early to experience the freshness of nature, to purify your mind and soul, meditate for few minutes to set focus for the new day and relax.

Engineer yourself and be at your best everyday, do not overburden yourself and give time to your body and mind to recuperate. Things and tasks done in a hurry do not lead to desired results. So, keep calm and carry on and don't forget to engineer yourself!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!!

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