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Ignorance- in context:

Usually we hear this phrase, 'Ignorance is bliss', yes it is, in many cases because you are saved many a times from the consequences of the situation or act if you are ignorant of the fact. Then another scenario is when somebody ignores, now here comes the ambiguity, whether its healthy, whether its a bliss or an attack on heart and mind?

Ignorance is one term that is very contextual. It's meaning becomes relevant only when used in a specific context. Something wrong happened and you are asked, ' Do you know the reason?' You reply,' no'. Hence, saved a big trouble. As I was growing up, I also used this tool of ignoring most of the time to avoid all the nonsense that could have happened with me as a part of growing up and because of this I never fell into a trap where I could have been the victim or sufferer. So, its a very important tool and attribute that we all should make use of where you think that your role or participation is not at all necessary. It saves you a lot of nonsense and trouble. You have to be ignorant consciously in situations where you could be targeted or harmed.

On the other hand, being ignorant is not feasible in situations that involve benefit of everyone as a whole. You cannot be ignorant of the feelings and emotions of your loved ones or the one's you care about. You cannot be ignorant of their well being as they are connected to you in some or the other way. You cannot be ignorant for maintaining a healthy environment at your home, in your family. You cannot be ignorant of what your heart wants and what your mind demands. Hence, ignorance needs a conscious thought that is, one should know what he or she is supposed to ignore and what not. We cannot weigh everything with the same set of weights.

Never ignore yourself, your children, your partner, your loved ones, your family, your friends and those people in your life who stood by you when no one else did. But, ignore all the negativity in life. Ignore everything that disturbs your peace of mind. Be ignorant for those things that you feel are least important in your life and for this set your priorities about what to focus on and what to ignore.

Ignorance is bliss only when used in a specific context and not in every situation. At times ignoring things make your life very happy and the same can make your life, your relations very bitter. So, choose wisely, What you should ignore and what you should not?

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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