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I should learn or pay attention?

Sometimes, you do not intend to learn something or know something but it happens by chance and this unplanned learning set you thinking. I was watching a video of Sadguru last night where he was in conversation with three young Youtubers. A very important statement he made, " I never learned anything, I just paid attention" and this statement carries a lot of depth in it.

Whichever setting you choose to learn or acquire knowledge, its important to pay attention. Here, by learning I don't mean that the learning in school settings or college setting only. Learning happens everywhere, you will grasp some or the other kind of knowledge no matter what but what is more important is when you are learning, are you paying attention? Next time you learn something, think about this aspect and I am sure you will be able to accomplish something which you may not be directly related with or something which is not your area of study or course.

We all know about drugs, we all study about the mechanics of some basic machines, we all learn about our own biological system but do we pay attention? Paying attention means relating to thing with all the efforts of your mind and soul, considering every aspect of that gained knowledge by involving all your domains that is your cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domain.

When we learn something, we need to connect to that in a way that your conscious should guide you to explore each and every aspect of that learning. The benefits, the negative effects, the applications, whether your learning can create basis for some new innovation, whether your learning can benefit society as a whole. Always learn consciously, not only for the sake of learning because whatever we learn today has come into being after strenuous research and studies and every concept, every fact carry a strong application with it.

Hence, learning becomes meaningful only when we know how and where to apply it in true sense of humanity!



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