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I see you...

I often question myself, what am I doing here without you? Never thought that I would be living without you. I cannot forget your sufferings and I see you...

I see you, all hands cuffed

I see you, on that suffering bed,

I hear you, telling me

how you feel,

I see you, bleed.

I see you, with rough breaths,

I feel you, approaching the tough end,

I hear you, asking me to leave,

I see you, still being tough.

I see you, strong enough

I see you, fighting enough,

I hear you, moan in pain,

I feel you, losing on the life rein.

I see you, holding me tight,

I feel you, not letting me

lose my fight,

I feel you, all the time,

You were my strength,

You were my wealth,

leaving me was not right.

Miss you maa!!

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